Why Good Looking Flooring is More Important Than You Think

The floor is the foundation to the whole interior design concept. Top quality floorings look good in their own right, and complement the furniture choices made in the rest of the home or office. The flooring is often the first element put into place and is generally a semi-permanent feature. The walls and furniture will typically be restyled more often than the floor, which means it is important to keep the floor looking its best no matter how long it has been there.

Well chosen flooring makes the entire room feel grounded and stable. At a glance, visitors feel like they are in an environment which is cared about – nice for social guests but crucial for potential customers. There is such a wide expanse of flooring in any average room that if it is neglected or doesn’t look well maintained, it can’t easily be hidden and these things don’t go unnoticed. Good looking flooring enhances the whole effect of the room, both consciously and subconsciously.

Think about the desired presentation of the room. Is it to be sleek, modern and minimalist, or is it more comfortable, warm and accommodating? These choices inform the type of floor which is most suitable, whereas a bad choice looks incongruous and upsets the balance of style. In most cases one key consideration is how it feels under the feet. Particularly at home, comfort is essential. Taking off ones’ shoes after a long day and sinking into a soft carpet is a luxury which cannot be underestimated.

A good looking floor is also welcoming and inviting, encouraging visitors into the space. For businesses this is important. It shows the company takes pride in itself, something customers tend to value when choosing companies to support their present needs.

Beyond choosing good quality flooring in the first place, a regular system of cleaning and maintenance is crucial to maintain the standards. With carpets, these need vacuum cleaning at least every other day and an annual deep clean with shampoo to remove all traces of the year’s dirt and wear. Vinyl floors can be swept for obvious detritus and then mopped weekly, being careful not to trail excess water across the surface as it can seep into joins and upset the adhesive. Similarly, laminate, hardwood floors and tiled surfaces can be swept and then mopped to keep them at their best. The condition and care taken over the floor will reflect on you directly, so take the time to make it look its best.