What is Resin Flooring and Why Would I need it?

Resin flooring, quite simply, is the use of either synthetic resin or chemically modified natural resin products as a material for flooring. When it is laid out upon a surface such as concrete, steel, or tiling, the resin combines with the surface beneath to form one layer. Once the concrete has been treated correctly and the resin placed upon it the two surfaces become one inseparable layer. Originally the use of resin products to form floor surfaces was limited to industrial spaces such as factory shop-floors and warehouses. However, increasingly resin flooring is being used for large spaces within public buildings and within domestic settings.

Resin flooring provides a highly durable and tough surface that can take knocks and a considerable amount of wear and tear whilst showing little or no ill effect. The resin is resistant to spills of many chemicals such as acids, oils, and petrol, and owing to the resin being seamless and lacking cracks and joins there will be no liquids escaping down beneath the resin layer. Once placed down the resin floor can take a high amount of stress and bear considerable loads, making it perfect for industrial settings where large and heavy machinery may be employed. Similarly, school laboratories and computer rooms where large installations will be used have benefitted from the laying of resin floors, as have restaurants and bars where there is a considerable amount of foot traffic. This makes resin flooring a highly cost-effective solution over the long-term, much more effective for businesses or anyone working to a tight budget than carpeted or tiled surfaces.

The seamless nature of resin flooring enables it to cover large open-spaces with ease such as galleries or showrooms, and carries the further advantage over carpet or tiling that there are few areas in which dirt and harmful bacteria can fester and grow. This makes resin flooring a hygienic option as it can easily be wiped clean or steam-cleaned. Hospitals have been particularly keen to install resin surfaces to prevent the spread of harmful bacteria within the building. Bars, restaurants, and domestic kitchens, where hygiene is at a premium, may also benefit from this characteristic of resin flooring.

Resin flooring can also be highly attractive and affords a purchaser room to influence the design and finish of their floor surface. C&C Flooring can provide resin floors with a variety of finishes: from glossy to more textured, and from elaborate colour schemes to more plain and conservative designs. Patterns can be incorporated with logos and images to suit the client. This may come in useful for open office-spaces or corporate trading floors where an idiosyncratic logo and tag-line are important for visitors to the site.