How to Keep Your Flooring Looking as Good as Ever

The best way to keep your flooring looking as good as when it was first fitted is to perform regular maintenance. Rather than making the flooring part of an arduous monthly cleaning session, small and regular treatments are much more effective and save time as well as effort. Attractive, quality floor coverings lift the standards of the whole business, presenting the best possible appearance to customers and partners. When you’ve had a quality product installed by C&C Flooring, you will certainly want to make it last.

Carpets in high traffic areas should be vacuumed daily to keep dirt out of the fibres, where particles can collect and cause long term damage. In quieter areas vacuuming might be acceptable on alternate days, but certainly needs to be performed at least once per week. Every 12 months, it is recommended to perform a full professional carpet clean, to remove stains and dirt amassed during the year and provide a floor surface which looks as good as new once more. Should there be any spills onto the carpet, deal with them immediately. Stains are much harder to remove once they have dried, often requiring more specialist attention. In the first instance, draw moisture from the affected area with dry towels. Should a cleaning product be used, test a small inconspicuous area before approaching the stain – just in case the chemicals in the cleaner remove the colour from the carpet, leaving a more serious difficulty. Rub the stain in small movements from the outside edge inwards, as this prevents spreading the problem further.

With vinyl flooring, regular sweeping with a soft brush removes the majority of debris, leaving a quick session with a vacuum cleaner sufficient to remove smaller particles. Again, this is best performed daily, before sharp particles of dirt or detritus can damage the floor surface. On a less frequent basis, gently clean the floor with a damp mop and a neutral cleaning solution, removing the layer of discolouration which inevitably develops over time. This can be weekly, depending on the volume of traffic through the area. Do not use an overly wet cloth or mop, as you do not want water seeping into the joins or edges where it can affect the adhesive. It is in the business’ interests to keep floor surfaces looking as new as possible, to promote the best image of their standards. Choose a cleaning schedule which will do this to best effect, and your floorings will retain their high quality for several years.