Commercial Flooring Roundup-Different Options Available for Your Floor

When purchasing commercial flooring there are a multitude of factors to take into account and consider: from whether the surface is appropriate for the type of business your run; the extent of your budget; the size of the floor to be covered; to whether a more elaborate design is required or a more utilitarian, hard-wearing floor is needed. There are a variety of commercial flooring options available, and C&C Flooring can provide a highly experienced design and installation service to meet your needs.

Vinyl tiles can be a good option and are especially popular in commercial environments such as hotels, office corridors, schools, and reception areas. The designs on vinyl flooring can imitate a wide variety of surfaces: woods such as oak, walnut, and pine can be mimicked, as well as stones such as slate or marble. Along with reproducing the effect of such natural materials vinyl flooring carries the advantage of being produced from highly sustainable products. Slip-resistance technology means that vinyl floors are also safe even when wet, and can be effective in areas such as shops and reception areas where people may bring water in from outside. C&C Flooring have worked closely in the past with suppliers such as Karndean who offer luxury vinyl floors in a variety of thicknesses and finishes dependent on the durability needs of the individual client.

Carpets and carpet tiles offer another option for commercial flooring: once more a wide variety of colour schemes and textures are available, from simple, hard-wearing pile to more elaborate and luxurious designs. Carpet and carpet tiles carry the benefit to the client of affording scope to influence the design process and produce an idiosyncratic and individual finish. This can be highly useful to corporate clients looking to impress visitors to their head-offices, or shops and businesses just looking for a unique design. Traditional and grander patterns can be created if necessary, or more durable weaves employed for areas of heavy foot-traffic.

Resin flooring has long been associated with industrial units, but is another good option for commercial settings and public buildings. Resin flooring consists of synthetic or chemically modified natural resins lain onto treated concrete so that the two layers become one. It offers a highly durable solution, so can withstand heavy machinery and loads being placed upon it, and is resistant to chemical spills. Increasingly resin flooring is being used in schools and some office-spaces where the option to incorporate company logos or particular corporate colour schemes is highly valued. Resin flooring is also seamless and highly hygienic as there are no seams or joins between tiles in which germs and bacteria can fester. It is therefore an attractive option for medical facilities and hospitals where hygiene is vital.

Altro Safety Flooring is one further option: it is again a highly durable and slip-resistant surface constructed by mixing flexible vinyl with slip-resistant grains. Altro flooring contains a built-in cleaning system that prevents the spread of bacteria. Therefore it carries the benefits of being both safe and hygienic. Increasingly Altro flooring is being used in office-spaces, industrial units, and retail outlets where a cost-effective, hard-wearing floor that is easy to keep clean is required. It is also ideal for commercial sectors such as healthcare, hospitality, and leisure facilities.