Cleaning Tips for Resin Floors

As beautiful as a resin floor is, you may need specific cleaning tips for resin floors to ensure they stay as beautiful as they are when you first put them down.  There are a few things in particular that you have to think about.

After Installation

As soon as your resin floor is installed, you have to leave it to cure.  Depending on where the floor is placed, you will need to set the temperature and the time during which it can cure.  During this period, which lasts seven days, no water should come into contact with the floor.


In order to make sure the floor continues to look good, it must be cleaned regularly.  It is generally best to use a specifically created cleaner designed for resin floors.  It is usually recommended to use a washer scrubber dryer machine.  Do not use an abrasive cleaner or an acid based cleaner.  Strong alkali cleaners can be used if needs must, but only if they are not concentrated.  There are some solvent activated cleansers that can be used, but the majority is not suitable.  Never scrape the surface of your floor.  Instead, use a squeegee to clean it.


Once the floor has been washed, you can apply a wax polish or polymer glaze.  These are designed to protect the floor from abrasions and scratches.  The best cleaners are wax modified, as these give more resistance to scratches.  There are also a number of metallic polishes.  These will give instant protection and are recommended by most manufacturers, who will suggest applying at least three coats.  This should take no more than one day and has to be repeated quarterly.

Accidential Damage

There are two main ways for your floor to get damaged.  The first is through accidental impact, where it is generally best to contact the supplier of your flooring to ask for advice on how to fix it.  The problem is that once an area is damaged, chemicals and water can get into it, destroying the full floor.

The other possibility is that the floor has been scratched or scored.  If this happens, you must immediately clean the area and apply a glaze or polish.  This way, the floor will immediately be protected again.  Hopefully, the scratch is only on the previously applied polish, rather than on the floor itself.

If there are any spillages, you should clean these up straight away, as they can cause abrasion to your floor.