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Awesome Carpet Patterns

It can be hard work to come up with a carpet that matches your interior.  There are so many different models out there, as well as sizes and textures that you may struggle to see the wood for the trees.  However, choosing the right one, whether that be wall to wall carpets or a carpet rug, is vital to make sure your entire house design comes together the way you want it to.  Let’s take a look at some of the most awesome carpet patterns that are out there.


Tapistongs is a design by Lise El Sayed.  It is a very modern rug that will fit in most interiors.  The rug has four footprint cut out of it, and you can fit slippers in these.  This design is funny because you can actually wear the slippers.  However, some people worry that the slippers will wear off, which will leave you with an ugly looking carpet.

The Flying Carpet

The Flying Carpet is a design by Seyed Alavi.  The original version is created from an aerial view of the Sacramento River.  At the start of the rug lies a photograph of Sacramento International Airport, from where people can walk over the river.  It is a brilliant design that leaves you with things to discover at every step.  It doesn’t, however, fit with much furniture and is therefore perhaps better for a hallway.

The Confusion Rug

The Confusion Rug lives up to its name and is designed simply to confuse people.  Rather than a full carpet or rug, there are simply pieces that have to be placed against a wall or around a column.  It will make your room look as if carpets are coming out from underneath your wall, as if you just placed the walls on top of an existing interior design.

All of these ideas are very playful and may not suit every home.  The patterns on more classical designs for carpets tend to be somewhat more subdued, trying to provide either a line through the house, or a feeling of comfort due to their thick pile.  What matters most, however, is that you pick a pattern or design that fits with your interior and that you can enjoy at all times.  Sometimes, the most outrageous designs are fun when you first get them, but they can become quite annoying after a while.  Hence, make sure that you pick something that you know you will enjoy.