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Commercial Flooring: Making the Right Choice for your Surface

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Getting the right flooring surface to suit the needs of your business can be tricky. There are budgetary considerations to take into account, along with ensuring the flooring surface will chime with the type of business or commerce being carried out on it, and give the desired impression to visitors or clients. Luckily there are flooring options on the market to suit a variety of needs, from hard-wearing resin surfaces, to more plush and impressive carpet tiles for head-offices and board-rooms. The various options each carry their own advantages, and can be supplied and installed by the experienced designers at C&C Flooring.

Carpet tiles are a favourite of corporate clients seeking a more traditional look in luxurious and plush piles for areas in which clients are greeted and entertained, and for individual offices. The tiles offer the chance for a client to influence the design and create an individual pattern for each room or corridor. Equally, carpet tiles can be a useful choice for larger open-plan office spaces requiring tougher, harder-wearing piles to cope with larger numbers of people moving between desks and meeting-areas. A wide variety of colour schemes and patterns are available in carpet and provide clients with plentiful choice.

Vinyl floor tiles are an increasingly popular option for retail outlets, offices, and reception areas. They offer the combined advantages of replicating the look of traditional materials such as wooden boards or stone, with being easy to clean and look after with a lifespan of up to twenty years before needing to be replaced. Vinyl flooring can be supplied with a finish that mimics woods such as oak, pine, or walnut, or stones such as marble, limestone, or slate. Different thicknesses and wears are available dependent on the needs of the particular surface and business, and slip-resistant material can be added to the vinyl that can be highly useful for retail outlets or reception areas with doors leading directly to the outside.

Resin flooring is a tough, hard-wearing option for commercial settings that see large amounts of foot-traffic such as trading floors or industrial units, or where large items are on display or heavy machinery installed such as in major retail units or factories. The flooring itself consists of chemically modified natural resin mixed with a layer of specially treated concrete to form one layer. This resin is highly durable and resistant to chemical spills and withstands heavy loads without damage. Office-spaces and corridors have also benefited from resin installations as the seamless nature of the floor prevents the build-up of dirt and is easy to keep clean.

Altro Safety Flooring is another slip-resistant and tough option. It combines vinyl with slip-resistant grains of material, and contains an antibacterial compound to prevent germs being harboured on its surface. Altro Flooring is increasingly popular in offices and retail outlets and especially in the hospitality industry in hotels and catering facilities where safety standards and hygiene are of the utmost importance.

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