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Friday, April 19, 2019

Why good looking flooring is more important than you think

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The floor is the foundation to the whole interior design concept. Top quality floorings look good in their own right, and complement the furniture choices made in the rest of the home or office. The flooring is often the first element put into place and is generally a semi-permanent feature. The walls and furniture will typically be restyled more often than the floor, which means it is important to keep the floor looking its best no matter how long it has been there.

Well chosen flooring makes the entire room feel grounded and stable. At a glance, visitors feel like they are in an environment which is cared about – nice for social guests but crucial for potential customers. There is such a wide expanse of flooring in any average room that if it is neglected or doesn’t look well maintained, it can’t easily be hidden and these things don’t go unnoticed. Good looking flooring enhances the whole effect of the room, both consciously and subconsciously.

Think about the desired presentation of the room. Is it to be sleek, modern and minimalist, or is it more comfortable, warm and accommodating? These choices inform the type of floor which is most suitable, whereas a bad choice looks incongruous and upsets the balance of style. In most cases one key consideration is how it feels under the feet. Particularly at home, comfort is essential. Taking off ones’ shoes after a long day and sinking into a soft carpet is a luxury which cannot be underestimated.

A good looking floor is also welcoming and inviting, encouraging visitors into the space. For businesses this is important. It shows the company takes pride in itself, something customers tend to value when choosing companies to support their present needs.

Beyond choosing good quality flooring in the first place, a regular system of cleaning and maintenance is crucial to maintain the standards. With carpets, these need vacuum cleaning at least every other day and an annual deep clean with shampoo to remove all traces of the year’s dirt and wear. Vinyl floors can be swept for obvious detritus and then mopped weekly, being careful not to trail excess water across the surface as it can seep into joins and upset the adhesive. Similarly, laminate, hardwood floors and tiled surfaces can be swept and then mopped to keep them at their best. The condition and care taken over the floor will reflect on you directly, so take the time to make it look its best.

The top 5 flooring solutions for the office

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The choice of flooring in the office is very important, and it’s easy to be guided by personal taste over practical considerations. Certain factors are important in making floorings suitable for the workplace and should be given due reflection.

Tiled floors have grown in popularity for their visual appeal and hardwearing strength. They are ideal for areas with heavy furniture, providing strong support that will not weaken over time. They are also easy to clean, though grout can discolour. Unfortunately their main disadvantage is their noise. Walking across a tiled floor in an office or reception creates that unique pattern of footfalls which can become incredibly distracting and irritate staff when they are trying to work.

Similar in many ways to tiled floors, hardwood options are a fantastic style statement having beautiful aesthetic qualities and an ease of cleaning, but are only slightly less noisy. Footfalls will still echo across the floor, and hardwood floors are very susceptible to scratching and dents as well as damage from furniture. Though hardwood floorings can look classic and elegant in management suites which have a lower traffic through them, in heavy use areas they may not be as suitable. Hardwood and tiled floorings are best suited to office entrance areas, where appearance is everything, but not perhaps used through the rest of the building.

Laminate wooden floor coverings are a better option if the aesthetic of a wooden floor is desirable in the office. Made of a layer of wood attached to supporting materials, they behave more like a vinyl floor covering than a wood and are easy to install, much more cost effective than real hardwood flooring. Their extra properties on top of traditional wooden floors mean they are much more scratch resistant and easy to clean, though again can be a little noisy. However, their sleek modern appearance makes them an attractive choice in the office.

Laminate wooden floor coverings are a better option if the aesthetic of a wooden floor is desirable in the office. Made of a layer of wood attached to supporting materials, they behave more like a vinyl floor covering than a wood and are easy to install, much more cost effective than real hardwood flooring. Their extra properties on top of traditional wooden floors mean they are much more scratch resistant and easy to clean, though again can be a little noisy. However, their sleek modern appearance makes them an attractive choice in the office.

How to keep your flooring looking as good as ever

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The best way to keep your flooring looking as good as when it was first fitted is to perform regular maintenance. Rather than making the flooring part of an arduous monthly cleaning session, small and regular treatments are much more effective and save time as well as effort. Attractive, quality floor coverings lift the standards of the whole business, presenting the best possible appearance to customers and partners. When you’ve had a quality product installed by C&C Flooring, you will certainly want to make it last.

Carpets in high traffic areas should be vacuumed daily to keep dirt out of the fibres, where particles can collect and cause long term damage. In quieter areas vacuuming might be acceptable on alternate days, but certainly needs to be performed at least once per week. Every 12 months, it is recommended to perform a full professional carpet clean, to remove stains and dirt amassed during the year and provide a floor surface which looks as good as new once more. Should there be any spills onto the carpet, deal with them immediately. Stains are much harder to remove once they have dried, often requiring more specialist attention. In the first instance, draw moisture from the affected area with dry towels. Should a cleaning product be used, test a small inconspicuous area before approaching the stain – just in case the chemicals in the cleaner remove the colour from the carpet, leaving a more serious difficulty. Rub the stain in small movements from the outside edge inwards, as this prevents spreading the problem further.

With vinyl flooring, regular sweeping with a soft brush removes the majority of debris, leaving a quick session with a vacuum cleaner sufficient to remove smaller particles. Again, this is best performed daily, before sharp particles of dirt or detritus can damage the floor surface. On a less frequent basis, gently clean the floor with a damp mop and a neutral cleaning solution, removing the layer of discolouration which inevitably develops over time. This can be weekly, depending on the volume of traffic through the area. Do not use an overly wet cloth or mop, as you do not want water seeping into the joins or edges where it can affect the adhesive. It is in the business’ interests to keep floor surfaces looking as new as possible, to promote the best image of their standards. Choose a cleaning schedule which will do this to best effect, and your floorings will retain their high quality for several years.

The Most Impressive Floors in the World

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If you are looking for a floor design that will really inspire you, why not take a look at the most impressive floors in the world? Emulating this exactly will perhaps not be possible, but it should be sufficient to give you an idea of what can be done with a little bit of imagination.

Black Paint Splatters

Imagine having a beautiful, pristine, white floor. It is so white that it reflects and you could even use it as a mirror. Now imagine grabbing a bucket of black paint and simply splattering it all over that stunning white floor. The effect is amazing, particularly if you have a retro or minimalistic house.

Turquoise Power

If you really want to be daring, you could go for the turquoise power design that is getting increasingly popular. Here, you need a wooden floor and a whole lot of high gloss turquoise floor paints in various shades. What some people do is get several buckets of the same floor paint and then add some whites to some of the tins and some purple or black to add to others. Then simply paint each of the wood lines in your floor in a different colour of turquoise. This stripy design is really bright and in your face, which means that you do have to think hard about the rest of your furniture. Pure whites, stainless steels and glass work very well with this.

See Through Floor

In one apartment block, the penthouse apartment has been totally transformed. Above the disused lift shaft now sits the high tech bathroom of the most expensive apartment. The floor, however, is a piece of strong Perspex, which allows users to look down into the shaft as they use the toilet, bath or shower. It is a surreal experience that allows you to look down hundreds of feet, as if walking on air.

Hemmendorf Floor Design

The Hemmendorf floor design is increasing in popularity. Essentially, it requires a wood floor, white floor paint, black floor paint, a really steady hand and a good artistic flair. Simple paint all the floorboards white and trace patterns of wood, flowers, crocodiles, leaves, cooking utensils and many other designs on them. It is a gorgeous design that really stands out. What is most interesting about this design is that it goes with almost any home furnishing, from classical to retro and from vintage to modern.

Awesome Carpet Patterns

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It can be hard work to come up with a carpet that matches your interior.  There are so many different models out there, as well as sizes and textures that you may struggle to see the wood for the trees.  However, choosing the right one, whether that be wall to wall carpets or a carpet rug, is vital to make sure your entire house design comes together the way you want it to.  Let’s take a look at some of the most awesome carpet patterns that are out there.


Tapistongs is a design by Lise El Sayed.  It is a very modern rug that will fit in most interiors.  The rug has four footprint cut out of it, and you can fit slippers in these.  This design is funny because you can actually wear the slippers.  However, some people worry that the slippers will wear off, which will leave you with an ugly looking carpet.

The Flying Carpet

The Flying Carpet is a design by Seyed Alavi.  The original version is created from an aerial view of the Sacramento River.  At the start of the rug lies a photograph of Sacramento International Airport, from where people can walk over the river.  It is a brilliant design that leaves you with things to discover at every step.  It doesn’t, however, fit with much furniture and is therefore perhaps better for a hallway.

The Confusion Rug

The Confusion Rug lives up to its name and is designed simply to confuse people.  Rather than a full carpet or rug, there are simply pieces that have to be placed against a wall or around a column.  It will make your room look as if carpets are coming out from underneath your wall, as if you just placed the walls on top of an existing interior design.

All of these ideas are very playful and may not suit every home.  The patterns on more classical designs for carpets tend to be somewhat more subdued, trying to provide either a line through the house, or a feeling of comfort due to their thick pile.  What matters most, however, is that you pick a pattern or design that fits with your interior and that you can enjoy at all times.  Sometimes, the most outrageous designs are fun when you first get them, but they can become quite annoying after a while.  Hence, make sure that you pick something that you know you will enjoy.

Cleaning Tips for Resin Floors

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As beautiful as a resin floor is, you may need specific cleaning tips for resin floors to ensure they stay as beautiful as they are when you first put them down.  There are a few things in particular that you have to think about.

After Installation

As soon as your resin floor is installed, you have to leave it to cure.  Depending on where the floor is placed, you will need to set the temperature and the time during which it can cure.  During this period, which lasts seven days, no water should come into contact with the floor.


In order to make sure the floor continues to look good, it must be cleaned regularly.  It is generally best to use a specifically created cleaner designed for resin floors.  It is usually recommended to use a washer scrubber dryer machine.  Do not use an abrasive cleaner or an acid based cleaner.  Strong alkali cleaners can be used if needs must, but only if they are not concentrated.  There are some solvent activated cleansers that can be used, but the majority is not suitable.  Never scrape the surface of your floor.  Instead, use a squeegee to clean it.


Once the floor has been washed, you can apply a wax polish or polymer glaze.  These are designed to protect the floor from abrasions and scratches.  The best cleaners are wax modified, as these give more resistance to scratches.  There are also a number of metallic polishes.  These will give instant protection and are recommended by most manufacturers, who will suggest applying at least three coats.  This should take no more than one day and has to be repeated quarterly.

Accidential Damage

There are two main ways for your floor to get damaged.  The first is through accidental impact, where it is generally best to contact the supplier of your flooring to ask for advice on how to fix it.  The problem is that once an area is damaged, chemicals and water can get into it, destroying the full floor.

The other possibility is that the floor has been scratched or scored.  If this happens, you must immediately clean the area and apply a glaze or polish.  This way, the floor will immediately be protected again.  Hopefully, the scratch is only on the previously applied polish, rather than on the floor itself.

If there are any spillages, you should clean these up straight away, as they can cause abrasion to your floor.

The History Behind the Red Carpet

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With the BAFTAs coming up on Sunday 10 February we got to thinking, "where does the red carpet come from?".

Why do the rich and famous stroll down those scarlet walkways on their way into every award ceremony?

The origins of the red carpet are though to date back as far as ancient Greece.  In the play Agamemnon, the eponymous hero is welcomed home to a grand reception with a red carpet which he's afraid to walk on, believing it to be a colour worthy of the gods.

Much later on, train stations became a common place to see red carpets being rolled out, as a way to direct passengers to the right part of the train.

Hotels soon followed suit, with red carpets running from the pavement and into their lobbies to make their guests feel important.

Today no awards ceremony is complete without a red carpet, allowing celebrities to follow in the footsteps of the Greek gods.  Whether we think they're worthy of their god-like status is another matter!

How to Keep Your Carpet Clean

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Once you've got a new carpet in place, you'll want to keep it looking and feeling fantastic underfoot.

Running the vacuum cleaner around every week is a start, but there's more you can do to look after your new floor covering.

  • Use doormats at each entrance to your home to stop dirt making its way onto your new carpet.
  • Move furniture around slightly when you vacuum so spots of carpet crushed by the legs have time to recover.
  • Deal with spills immediately. Soak up any liquid, start off cleaning with cold water and only use strong stain removers as a last resort (test on an out of sight area first, or a carpet offcut if you have one).
  • Always check manufacturers recommendations, but usually it's a good idea to have your carpet professionally cleaned by a reputable company every 12 to 18 months. Alternatively you can hire or borrow a steam cleaner and do the work yourself.

Look after your new carpet, and it should remain in great condition for many years to come.

All of our flooring is supplied and fitted by our professional and factory trained team members and of course covered by our guarantee. If you need any advice or a free "carpet condition check up, please contact us to talk to one of our consultants

Vinyl Flooring vs Hardwood Flooring

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recent-project-2Hard flooring can be a great choice for home or commercial interiors. It gives you a fresh, modern look, it's easy to keep clean and it wears well.

But some people struggle to decide on a type of hard flooring. Is it better to go for natural wood, or is vinyl flooring more practical?

At C & C Flooring we use a wide range of vinyl flooring. One popular brand is Amtico. Their vinyl tiles offer a great alternative to natural materials and are designed to be really tough and durable.

Amtico tiles come in a range of finishes including wood and stone effect, with a choice of more than 150 designs. You can choose one finish throughout, or mix and match different tiles to give you a completely unique floor.

Vinyl flooring is more hard wearing than natural materials like wood and stone, which can sometimes suffer chips, dents or marks in the course of day to day life. Hardwood floors in particular can be noisy to walk on and vulnerable to moisture.

Vinyl is cushioned, making it comfortable underfoot. It's also impervious to water and therefore a good option for kitchens and bathrooms.

The Coldest Journey for Slip Resistant Flooring

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Altro flooring is slip-resistant, even when wet, so it's no surprise that Sir Ranulph Fiennes selected the floor covering for his latest Antarctic adventure.

The 68-year-old British explorer is describing his trip as one of the last remaining polar challenges: crossing Antarctica during its perilous winter.  

Altro Stronghold and Altro Suprema II will be used in the high-tech cabooses or sledge-mounted living quarters built especially for the journey.

Talking about Altro flooring, Sir Ranulph said: “There was no choice of other flooring - all of our research with the British Antarctic Survey pointed at Altro, which is why I called them before anyone else.

“Flooring is particularly vital as there isn’t a day that people are not going in and out, in darkness, with blizzards outside. You have heat and snow, therefore, liquid and, therefore, slipperiness. If you don’t have a superb flooring you are asking for trouble.”

Altro Stronghold is a 3mm thick flooring designed for safety in wet and greasy conditions and is ideal where frequent spillages are likely.

Altro Suprema II incorporates proven industry-leading long-term cleanability making it ideal for use in the cabooses and the harsh terrain that will be encountered.

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